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The primary purpose of the organization is to provide monetary assistance to the financially challenged individuals of Bangladesh to continue their education who have demonstrated excellent academic potential. Education can be the main weapon for these under privileged people to succeed in their lives.
We are supporting over 300 hundreds students a year, from 15 districts for their education. Over 40% of our students are female, who are mostly unprivileged due to social structures.
Our contributors are from Australia, Bangladesh, Canada, Finland, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Ireland, Korea, Norway, Singapore, USA. Our 100% contribution goes for education with very less ( < 5%) operation costs. All our members work voluntarily. Your contributions can strengthen us to more support.
Help First Year HSC (Voc.) Students 2014 The primary objective of this initiative is to raise funds for the financially challenged HSC(Voc.) 1st year students to help them covering up their 1st year HSC collge admission, registration, yearly technical board exam fee, and monthly college fee they have to pay in to get admitted to collge and continue their HSC education. For many parents/guardians, paying this initial admission and other fees are huge burden which forces premature drop out of many talents. We believe that with a little support from all of us, we can atleast ensure that these students are not stuck at the very early stage of their careers.
Undergrad Dream: Help Some Brilliant Students to Overcome the University Barrier The objective of this project is to raise fund for the financially challenged students who, with all their financial and social adversaries, achieved excellent results in their SSC and HSC but are struggling with their undergraduate studies expenses. We believe that with a little support from all of us they can flourish their talents and develop their full potential.
Helping Brilliant Students to Continue College Education (SSC 2014 Batch) The objective of this project is to raise funds for the financially challenged students who showed promising results in SSC Exam 2014. Every year we read about the success stories of these unprivileged students in the daily newspapers, and feel an urge to help them within our limited capacity. This is a small effort to help some of them to successfully finish their college education. We believe that with a little support from all of us, they can flourish their talents and develop their full potential.
Education for the Autistic : Support the School for the Deprived Society for the Welfare of the Intellectually Disabled (SWID), is a Bangladesh-based nonprofit organization who promotes education among autistic. SWID Jhenaidah branch runs a school for the autistic - named "School for the Autistic, Jhenaidah". The school aims to help these students to get some basic education according to their capability, and and the long term goal is to help them become self-reliant in the society. The school assures the following services for the students: Psychotherapy Teaching Singing, Dancing Physiotherapy Teaching Reciting, Drawing Teaching Sign Language Teaching Acting Students and Parents Councelling Sports Teaching day-to-day manners Participating in creative works The school has a big dream, but is struggling for financial support to accomplish her dream. Hridoya Bangladesh has partnered with the school to materialize this dream. Let us all come forward to make school's effort successful.
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