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Support Students to Appear at the SSC Exam 2018


The primary objective of this initiative is to raise a fund for the financially challenged students (SSC'14 candidates) to help them covering up their SSC'18 examination registration (form fillup) expenses. For many parents/guardians, paying this fee is a huge burden which forces premature drop out of many talents. We believe that with a little support from all of us, we can atleast ensure that these students are not stuck at the very early stage of their careers.

Project Details

Using our existing network, we have identified a list of students. These students are selected based on their achievements at school, recommendations by the school teacher/headmaster, financial need and an overall evaluation by a local guardian. In process of our similar initiatives since last several years, we had been able to get in touch with a number of teachers at different schools, and people who responsibly can act as a local guardian of a student at remote places. Our student selection process is a combined effort of all these volunteers. Each student from the aforementioned list will be given an amount of Tk 4,200 for paying their form fill up expenses. We have representatives to deliver the money to each student. Interested person can donate any amount and the money will be saved in a fund from which students will receive their financial support. Please send your contribution via PayPal Please mention "SSC'18 Examination Registration Fee" on PayPal Donation Item Description.

Please send your contribution via PayPal

OR write a Check to: Hridoya Bangladesh, 112 Sebastians Run, Austin, TX 78738, USA.
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