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Undergrad Dream: Help Some Brilliant Students to Overcome the University Barrier


The objective of this project is to raise fund for the financially challenged students who, with all their financial and social adversaries, achieved excellent results in their SSC and HSC but are struggling with their undergraduate studies expenses. We believe that with a little support from all of us they can flourish their talents and develop their full potential.

Project Details

Hridoya Bangladesh (HB) has been providing financial support to the brilliant but unprivileged students to continue their college education (HSC) since 2007. Now, we have decided to extend our support to the undergraduate level education. We have already implemented a pilot project in the undergraduate level, and the results are very satisfactory: one of our students has stood second at her department in Dhaka University, another one is finishing her MBBS degree in Mymensingh Medical College, and third one is admitted to B.Sc. in health technology course (stood 4th in the admission test). So far, it was an adhoc effort from HB, but this year we have decided to start a formal project to support varsity-level students.

As usual, we need your financial contribution to make drive successful. Initially we will support only female students, and some exceptional male students. If we can raise enough money, then we will remove the gender restriction. Our plan is to give all students 1500-2500 Taka (based on need) every month to cover their educational expense, and we will continue supporting them until they finish their degree as long as they can achieve satisfactory academic results. In addition, from this project we will provide financial support to cover admission related fees to our HB students, who have shown excellent performance in the HSC exam. Please make your contribution to HB in order to help some brilliant students to accomplish their dreams.

Please send your contribution via PayPal

OR write a Check to: Hridoya Bangladesh, 112 Sebastians Run, Austin, TX 78738, USA.
For inquiry, email to Ahsan Kabeer
Note: Hridoya Bangladesh has received tax-exempt status. Therefore, you can file for tax benefit from the next fiscal year.

Student Information

We need your financial contribution to support these students. A person can sponsor any listed student or make a contribution of any amount she/he is willing to make.

Sl Name District Education Level Result Status Bio-data
Currently 12 student(s) are listed in this project.
1 Abhinash Das Abhi Chandpur HSC Support Needed Not available
2 Rabeya Begum Noakhali Undergraduate 5.00 Support Needed Not available
3 Mehedi Hasan Jhenaidah Undergraduate SSC: 4.88 HSC: Support Received Not available
4 Joyeta Kar Jhenaidah Undergraduate SSC:5.0 HSC:4.8 Support Received Not available
5 Rejwanul Islam Kurigram Undergraduate SSC:5.0,HSC:5.0 Support Received Not available
6 Lata Banik Lakshmipur Undergraduate SSC:5/0,HSC:4.5 Support Received Not available
7 Faujul Kabir Jahan Mymensingh Undergraduate SSC:5.0;HSC:5.0 Support Received Not available
8 Mrinal Kanti Jhenaidah Undergraduate SSC:5.0;HSC:5.0 Support Received Not available
9 Rakibul Islam Faridpur Undergraduate SSC:4.5;HSC:3.2 Support Received Not available
10 Most. Shajia Afrin Reti Kurigram Undergraduate 3.29; HSC:3.9 Support Received Not available
11 Md Aminul Islam Jhenaidah Undergraduate 3.2;HSC/SSC:5.0 Support Received Not available
12 Md Ashikuzzaman Jhenaidah Undergraduate Support Received Not available

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