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Helping Diploma Students in Polytechnic Institutes


The goal of this project is to provide scholarship to those financially challenged students who like to pursue education in Diploma-in-Engineering in different Polytechnic Institutes in Bangladesh.

Project Details

Why scholarship for for Diploma-in-Engineering Students?

Hridoya Bangladesh's (HB) goal is to help underprivileged students to fulfill their higher education dream. Thus HB provides scholarship to students who get A+ in SSC for their college education, in some cases their university education too.

In recent years a huge number of students are getting A+ in SSC and HSC. Even though these students do good results in HSC, very few of them get admitted to Engineering, Medical or other good universities. Many of them fail to get a good admission, as a result they end up with general education from some non-reputed colleges or universities and they find the following difficulties:

1. After SSC, it takes nearly 7 years to complete their education. It is very difficult to bear their educational expenses by themselves or their family or through any scholarship. Either they drop out or pass with a minimum grade.

2. With low grade form a low ranking college/university their chance of getting a job is marginalized. Also, they are not coming from well-off families, so they have no good social connection or money to get a job in Bangladesh.

On the other hand, after passing SSC with a good result, such as A+, if students get admitted to Polytechnic Institutes for Diploma-in-Engineering in any subjects, then they have the following advantages:

1. After SSC, it takes only 4 years to get a Diploma-in-Engineering degree. So after 4 years, students can get into a job and earn for their families.

2. If we provide scholarship to these students for four year, then they will do good result, often the top results in their class, that will increase their chances in job market. It will also help them getting higher degrees, side by side with their job, by their own expenses.

3. Having an Engineering degree they have the job market anywhere in the world, specially in Middle East countries. Getting a general education do not have this opportunity.

4. After SSC, HB generally provides two years of expenditures for college education. However, continuing another two years for Diploma Engineers can significantly change a student's life.

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For inquiry, email to Ahsan Kabeer
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Student Information

We need your financial contribution to support these students. A person can sponsor any listed student or make a contribution of any amount she/he is willing to make.

Sl Name District Education Level Result Status Bio-data
Currently 6 student(s) are listed in this project.
1 SAGOR AHMED Jhenaidah Diploma/Polytechnic SSC A+(Golden) Support Needed Not available
2 MD. NUR ALAM AKAND Kurigram Diploma/Polytechnic SSC 5.00 Support Needed Not available
3 MOHAIMINUL ISLAM Kurigram Diploma/Polytechnic SSC 5:00 Support Needed Not available
4 PARVINA YEASMIN Jhenaidah Diploma/Polytechnic SSC 4.77 Support Needed Not available
5 MEHEDI HASAN Jhenaidah Diploma/Polytechnic SSC 4.81 Support Needed Not available
6 MD. SYDUR RAHMAN Jhenaidah Diploma/Polytechnic SSC 4.75 Support Needed Not available

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