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Education for Slum Kids (Swapnadhara School)


Swapnadhara is a Dhaka-based nonprofit organization, which promotes education among slum kids. It collects students from the nearby slums, teach them basic education, and vocational training. The parents of these kids are poor and illiterate. Parents are reluctant to send their kids to school, as they think that kids can bring some money for the family, if kids work outside rather than wasting time in schools. Swapnadhara aims to help these kids to get some basic education and motivate them go to school regularly to understand the value of education in improving their lives. The long term goal is to provide them education up to varsity-level so that these kids become self-reliant and help their families to come out of poverty.

Swapnadhara provide food as an incentive, so that kids are interested to attend school regularly. In addition, they provide some basic vocational training to the kids, so that kids can help their parents to income some money. This also motivates parents to send their kids to school. Right now, Swapnadhara teaches kids how to make grocery packaging items and handicrafts.

Swapnadhara has a big dream, but is struggling for financial support to accomplish her dream. Hridoya Bangladesh has partnered with Swapnadhara to materialize this dream. Let us all come forward to to help Swapnadhara to achieve her dream.

Project Details

Sohag Swapnadhara Pathshala is an education program of Swapnadhara Human Welfare Society. Its situated at West Duaripara, Pallabi, Mirpur Dhaka. It was started on 7th July 2006 with only 13 students and now it has reached to 320 students. Initially, the organizers rented a sublet bachelors room and providing education to slum children. After some months, they rented a personal tin-shed room and continue giving education to the poor children. From the very beginning, organizers make a committee of seven members, and have registered as Swapnadhara Human Welfare Society from Join Stock Companies (dated on 7th September, 2008). At present, school has 8 rooms and 9 teachers. These teachers are working all year long to provide education among low income peoples’ kids. This Pathshala (School) has classes from Pre-Primary to Six. Students has participated Primary School Certificate (PSC) exam in 2012 and 2013, achieved 100% result. This Society is running with the help of some personal and organizational donations. Hridoya Bangladesh is one of philanthropic partners of Swapnadhara school.

From January-14, Society’s monthly budget increased to 1,08,000 (One Lac, Eight Thousand and Five Hundred) BD Taka. Approximately, 337.50/-Taka expense for per student in every month. School has 5 days classes and cultural programs in every weeks. On Thursdays, students are given food like egg and milk, and on this day students express their visions to the teachers. Some students want to become doctors, some want to become engineers, and some want to become lawyers, polices, teachers etc. Swapnadhara’s goal is to help them so that they can fulfil their dreams. These students need our co-operation to fulfil their dreams. Their parents send them to Swapnadhara in order to execute their hopes. For this reason, Swapnadhara seeks our financial as well as mental and physical support. Please help Swapnadhara to make an educated society.

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